How to help your loved one quit smoking

Re: Most smokers want to quit

Studies show seven in ten people who use tobacco are willing to quit. In other words, it is a chance that some people are already anxious to think about leaving.

How to start the conversation

A few minutes of your time can make a big difference to someone who is trying to quit smoking. Even if not everyone is ready to quit smoking, you can show your support for your loved ones by allowing you to know they are there to help you. Here are tips to let them know they will help you:

  • Avoid criticizing or condemning tobacco use
  • Accept my friend, but with a serious tone
  • Know that you have difficulty quitting
  • Let them know that you are there to help and support them on their journey

How can you help someone quit smoking?

  • And listen with your ears Quitting smoking is not easy. Smokers need to make many lifestyle changes in order to successfully quit Mendes. Avoiding a dose can also make them cranky and more susceptible. Let a man know what you love, understand the sacrifices that they make, and you’ll be there for them through temptations.
  • Try new things at once: One of the most difficult parts of quitting smoking breaks your daily routine. When your best friend wont go out in the smoke, offer to walk around the neighborhood. In the evenings and weekends, join a sewing ball or game together to develop new healthy habits and help distract them from the prick of smoke.
  • Do not smoke before you If you’re a smoker, you know that just looking at cigarette smoke or smoking cravings can happen. Try to quit smoking around someone who is trying to quit.

If you don’t want to quit

Not all smokers want to quit, that’s right. If someone you love isn’t ready yet, it always helps them to know that you’re there to support them whenever you want. You can also talk about how to make it safer by smoking it. Here are some ways to get this:

  • Define vehicles, homes, and locations as smoky spots for all children to reduce exposure to smoke.
  • Make measures to prevent smoke affecting infants, infants or pregnant women.
  • Ask your loved one if they want to try to reduce the amount of tobacco they use.

Want more help?

For more tips on starting the conversation about cessation smoking with your loved one, call the NWT Tobacco Free Line, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-866-286-5099. Supporters, friends and family members will help you understand what a smoker is going through and provide you suggestions on how to engage with them/in a timely fashion.

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