Here’s What To Look For In The First 24 Hours

Here’s What To Look For In The First 24 Hours

Quitting smoking requires nostalgia, dedication, and drive, but also requires some research. Knowing what to expect — as well as enjoyable health benefits and unwanted withdrawals — will help you persevere and overcome cigarette addiction.

The human body is incredibly soft and works hard to heal itself, so a lot of things can happen within the first 24 hours without a cigarette:

At least 20 minutes After you have stopped smoking, you will experience a drop-in blood pressure and increased circulation to your extremities; after 8 hours Without cigarettes, carbon monoxide and nicotine levels in your body will be cut in half so that your brain produces the oxygen it needs for optimal function; by half of the day your carbon monoxide level is back to normal, easing stress on your heart; and by 24-hour see if you’ve successfully submitted a case of having a heart attack.

It’s also important to know that you experience some physical and emotional withdrawals due to the absence of nicotine. The main thing to remember is these are temporary and will dissipate over time.

Nicotine CravingsThese can start as early as 30 minutes after your last cigarette, but only know that they tend to last only about 15 minutes.

increased Appetite: Almost 24 hours after your first cigarette, your appetite is likely to recover (cigarettes contain serotonin and dopamine, two chemicals that suppress hunger). She is prepared for healthy snacks because when the stomach begins to speak.

Head: Prepare yourself for a potentially mild headache or dizziness, but don’t worry, it doesn’t last long.

wearinessBecause nicotine is a stimulant, you feel a little drowsy the first day. If so, grab a cup of coffee or tea and power on through.

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