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If you smoke, have you thought about leaving in the first place? Make a decision, think about what you’re going to do to give up tobacco for good, and ask for practical help and advice from a free service “Stop smoking”.

Stop smoking services

Termination of smoking often persists, and a different approach will work for different people. You plan to draw near to the obstacles that will work best for you.

If you have enough cigarettes, help is available through the smoking cessation software and the Nicotine Therapy supply.

These free smoking services are provided at pharmacies, GP exercises, the Health and Social Security Trust premises, and the community and voluntary organisation.

Tips and advice

Some helpful tips to keep you on track include:

  • put a fixed date on what you want to stop smoking and stick to it
  • to let people know that they are able to support themselves in a quiet endeavor
  • try to encourage groups of friends or family to stop and support you
  • change your routine to avoid boxed smoking situations
  • don’t fall into the trap of having a ‘just’ cigarette – one cigarette easier for another
  • For smoking, keep your hands on stress or tennis ball, or ‘tangled’ in the Public Health Agency’s Quit Kit.
  • When you feel like smoking a cigarette, try texting or ringing a friend – it will help your appetite get over and take your mind
  • avoid eating high-energy, high-sugar snack foods in place of cigarettes – try fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt or sugar-free gum instead
  • skipping meals or eating sweets, so that both causes may arise rapidly and fall into blood sugar, which can make aspirations worse.
  • keep active, walk more, swim or cycle, dance to music at home, do something free, do some gardening or a car wash.
  • Put money saving on cigarettes so that you can buy what you really want – it can help you wake up when things are slow

Cancer, heart disease and stroke

Smoking is a major risk for coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases, including lung cancer.

If you quit and then fall back, take it, elaborate on why it was done, and focus on how you can avoid it in the future.

It takes many more attempts to retire for good, but if it is determined, it will.

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