Get help stop smoking

Get help stop smoking

In Leicester, about 2,800 hospitals have admissions (per 100,000) – there are smoking-related illnesses and more than four hundred people die each year in Leicester – all of which can be prevented by leaving smoking.

With the health benefits departing the average smoker saves over £150 a month and almost £2000 a year. The cost of the NHS in Leicester is estimated to be around £58.8 million a year, and 17.8 million in Leicester.

Leicester Live Well offers behavioral support and therapy for up to 12 weeks for smokers in Leicester who want to retire.

Smoking can be contacted by our e-mail address or by calling 0116 454 4000.


If you can do it for 28 smokefree days, then 5 more are likely to stay quiet for good. The main goal of Stoptober, which runs through October, is to guarantee you have up to 28 days to quit smoking.

Stoptober provides a breadth of free support to help you including the program, daily e-mail, Facebook message and many encouragements from the Stoptober community on Facebook. In addition, experts can take face-to-face advice to stop smoking from local services. Those who employ a smoking aid station and those who obtain face-to-face assistance from the local service stop smoking, up to four times more likely to successfully leave.

Last year’s Stoptober 25 million campaign was saved by 160,000 people not buying cigarettes. There’s lots of free support to help you stop smoking for Stoptober on the following page:


Our Stop Smoking Service companies research on the potential benefits of using e-cigarettes to help people in Leicester County surrender cigarettes, and anyone who exchanges cigarettes for e-cigarettes will be able to access our support.

Everyone in pregnancy

If you smoke while you are pregnant, then you endanger the health of your unborn child and your baby. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of complications.

Take a look at our short video on smoking information during pregnancy. If you’re pregnant and want to stop smoking, talk to your midwife.

Standardized packaging

All packs of cigarettes are now sold on campus, drab packs and basic safety warnings.

Evidence shows smooth packs are less attractive for young people and can help prevent them from smoking in the first place. It is hoped the standard packs will provide more effective health warnings and help consign more smokers.

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