Free Smoking Assistance Waltham Forest Stop Smoking Service

Today is the best time to rest! – Lisa Gilroy

We know it can be difficult to quit smoking, and every failed quit effort makes it much harder.

Lisa Shamsia thanked him for his advice to quit. He realized that he was not going to quit his job, so he asked for help from the local service to stop smoking, and happily he arranged for him to quit.

Now he enjoys his leisure and keeps going to the gym. Well done, Lisa!

No matter which stage you are on your smoking trip, it’s never too late to stop smoking…..and you’re four times more likely to quit successfully with relief.

Now i’m smoke free! – Vernon Maxwell

Vernon were referred to the smoking service by their GP. He knew that he had to give up something, and had determined to do it.

Through her efforts with her Stop Smoking Advisor, Vernon successfully managed a good job!

The first step is to know you need help. Going cold turkey is not always the best option. Helping and helping you yield more for good!

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