five times more likely to quit smoking

five times more likely to quit smoking

On the occasion of the 6-month tobacco free edition, Nurse Sarthe tells us something about how to quit smoking. After the first month, smokers are five times more likely to quit smoking and have dramatic addiction symptoms.

Nathalie Grouas is a nurse in Colaines, mainly in addiction. Each year, a month without tobacco shares. A device that helps smokers quit smoking. “We make individual plans. We report to general surgeons and patients who want to quit smoking or, in any case, reduce their consumption by any means.».

And there are good reasons to say that all cigarettes should be stopped. “She could be a pregnant girl who should go smoking. It’s often true that people in their forties or fifties say to themselves ‘stop smoking’“For health reasons, this is the primary motivation. For economic reasons, even if the increase in the price of cigarettes is not necessarily broke for smokers, Nathalie Grouas.” Some people need to go and buy a pack of their cigarettes because it is addictive».

We observe that the number of smokers in France has stagnated for two years, according to the most recent results of the French National Health Barometer, published in May 2021. 24% of people 18–75 are smokers daily, or about 13 million smokers.

five times the chance to quit smoking

The website, dedicated to the month without tobacco smokers, offers a kit of solutions for those wanting to leave in addition to a professional consultation. “Tabac Info Service is also an app, people register for free. Challenges are given as advice».

There are also hockey assistants. “Patch, chewing gums, pies, small tablets. There are truly many ways to accompany a person and help him.” Replaced by those who have been supported by Social Security since January 2010.

It may also be an online cigarette grade, according to Nathalie Grouas. “It’s part of the solution to stopping smoking because there is so much nicotine in it. And it’s true that people who still need this gesture to have something in their hand can really help a person get completely safe.And if the activity is called “tobacco-free month”, it doesn’t happen. If you can do it without cigarettes in November, you’ll be five times more likely to quit smoking. Smoke, definitely.

For more information, you can call XXXIX 89support number Tabac Info Service. It receives about 50,000 calls a year.

Listen to the interview with Nathalie Grouas here.

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