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“Get hit with a glass of water cravings”

I smoked 10 to 20 a day, but last 11 years. I found a glass of water when my appetite hit that worked well. By the time I went to the kitchen, poured it out and drank it, the peak of my taste had passed. It has also helped me to understand your desire to be able to ride. The first three weeks were the hardest. Michael, Scottish artist and educator

“I communicated – one less cigarette per day”

I tried to beat them step by step. I wish for myself – less cigarettes every day. I choose those times to smoke, which I knew I could enjoy them at least. I smoke forty days, but I’ve gone down for over six weeks on one day, and then on another day. I allowed myself to stay somewhere in that place. When I forgot when I’d had the last cigarette, I knew I had left. that is 40 years ago. Anonymous

‘Wipe away’

I had a habit of 40 days old since I started at 15. Here are my tips for falling away. 1) Recognize the triggers that cause smoke stress and you will know it will disappear within two minutes. (One of my biggest triggers was opening the car window, so I used to open it up to pull up the ashes.) 2) If you’re actually checking a cigarette, take a shower – there will be no trigger, so that’s impossible. smoke in the shower. 3) Relaxed massages help. I tried to stop smoking first for 46 years. Andrew, graphic designer, Peak District

“My husband promised me a bottle of Romanée-Conti potato if I’m going to quit.”

Richebourg Grand Cru Domaine Romanee-Conti Burgundium
Good material … Romanée-Conti of Burgundy Photograph: Ian Shaw/Alamy

For a long time I wanted to taste the rare and fabulous Romanée-Conti Burgundy. In 1991, my husband said he would buy me a bottle if I gave up smoking for a year. If I felt weak, the words of Romanée-Conti irritated me. After six months, I found the bottle at the Charles de Gaulle airport. In time, it costs almost the same as I will spend a year in the mountains. My husband said that if he smoked now, he would drink before me – then run away! We drank it at the end of the year and it was fabulous. For the next few years, we ate three Michelin star cigarettes a few times a year in a restaurant with cash which I’d spent. You’ll find that you like more cigarettes than – never smoked again. Lynneretired engineer smith, Folkestone

“I used to drink cigarettes with water and soap”

Remove all your cigarettes or tobacco correctly: mine soaked in water and soap. If you have these mountains in a bin, still in a bundle, you will fish them again in no time. The first two weeks, the number of days from my last cigarette smoking in my hand, I wrote that it was a really useful visual reminder of my progression. Anonymous

“I was smoking with a wonderful king size”;

I was working one morning in 1981, when trains had smoking gun cameras, but I couldn’t get into one. I’m sure I have no cigarettes for sure – so I’m dying of smoke at the end of the journey. I felt really tired of how much it told me and how dependent I was on smoking. So, I immediately bought forty cigarette sizes and bars, and smoked them until midday, as I tried to reduce the aversion. I worked. I never smoked. Without a name, London

‘holding the nail’ was surprisingly satisfying

Wood clothespeg
“Each cigarette is about half the size and weight.” Image: Getty Images / EyeEm

I have been a serious smoker since the roll-up for over 20 years and have been quitting for nearly a year. I always found more ritual that meant I was returning to cigarettes, even after I’d kicked the chemical destination. I’ve found wooden nail-assisted clothing: you can buy a pound pack from the shop and each nail is about half the size and weight of a cigarette. I wanted to hold only one thing when I felt I needed a cigarette; wonderfully satisfying. You can also chew on it and break it under your thumb, which was extra useful. I used to keep a few in my arms. Anonymous

‘tape up your tobacco tin’

Bind your cigarette pack or tobacco tin into many layers of tape. This makes getting along with your tobacco very difficult, but not impossible. I’ve found the best way to manage this “alarm” is not being able to smoke and having to “drop off” your smoke indefinitely. I’m off for more than 10 years, but I still have an Old Holborn dusty taped tin somewhere. James, psychologist, Scotland

“Brush your teeth after dinner cravings stopped”

Man brushing his teeth
Pull off those desires. Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I’ve always had cravings after every meal until I learned to brush my teeth and immediately use my mouth to brush. I usually never smoke after hitting my teeth at night, so it was something that really helped after eating. Another tip is to open up the exercise, which has also helped me a lot. Javierinvestigator, Swansea

“Put the money fag, then treat yourself”

In the empty astray jar, add water in a sealed jar. When you crave shit, open the jar and pull it out completely. Makes you gag or retch. It’s shocking, but it works. Also put your money on your fag every day or week and, when you have heaped up enough, treat yourself and your lovers for a nice meal or a day trip. Postumius, Devon

‘Switch to cup and bowl’

Nice cup of tea and a bowl
Exercise your hands. Photograph: Julie Anne Images/Gety Images

On the list of delaying jobs. Whenever you have a passion, choose one of the jobs. Lust will not last and duty will act in distraction. Plus, you’ll have to satisfy all that you’ve done after you’ve done your work. Having a cup and a bowl also helps if you have smoking shoes with a cuppa to keep you occupied with both hands. Melly, Suffolk

“Create certificates you don’t want to spoil”

I quit smoking on July 19, 2005. Note the date you go back and use it to do miles, such as: “I gave one week/month/sex/month/one year five years ago”. It is important to see how you have come to this point and celebrate your success. It also helps to create a note that you don’t want to strip. Davidretired heref

“I decided the best way to quit was to have new teeth”

Look at the teeth. I’ve smoked for forty years, and I decided it was best to quit having new teeth. So, I placed £3,500 (in Budapest – even more expensive in the UK) to have 26 tires to replace my smoky teeth. I didn’t smoke for four years later, and my teeth are amazing. Petehospital worker at Leith

“I am taking mosaics”

The ship was painted red pebble
“It has been proven very therapeutic.” Photograph: Savo Ilic/Alamy

After decades of unsuccessful attempts at my smoking habit up to 20 days ago, I picked up painting. The idea was, if I had a brush of paint in my hand, I could not get a cigarette. It proves a successful and very medicinal phenomenon. It took about three days to get nicotine cravings to rest and I haven’t smoked one cigarette for over three years. I often deal with the money that I don’t have to buy cigarettes – and my hobby of painting has also progressed in wall painting. Elainehe withdrew into Greece.

‘Make a pact with a friend to quit together’

Check that there are no forgetting luggage placed in your house or in your car, and think about what you can do or enjoy when you are quiet. For me, Jacob was taking a walk down the Derbyshire ladder, stopping every 10 steps. Then make a pact with a friend on one day of departure and set a non-negotiable date. Also, use an app that calculates your statistics and calculates your savings. Anonymous

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