Drug addiction: getting help – NHS

Drug addiction: getting help – NHS
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If you need drug addiction treatment, NHS care is available the same way as anyone else who has a health problem.

With the right help and support, it will be possible for you to acquire medications for free and continue in this way.

where to get help narcotics

A GP is a good place to start. They can discuss your problems with you and get you into treatment.

They may provide you with treatment for use or refer to your local drug office.

If you’re not comfortable talking to your GP, you can access your local treatment.

Visit the commercial products website to find local therapeutic services.

If you are finding workers who are working hard, call French medical assistance on 0300 123 6600. They can talk you through all your options.

Private charity and medicines

Like the NHS, there are offerings and private medicines and alcohol treatments that can help you.

Visit the website to see the list of restrictions.

Private treatment of drugs can be very expensive, but sometimes people can referral their local NHS through.

First appointment

At the first narcotics treatment, staff will ask you about your drug use. They also ask about your work, family and housing.

Look for a sample of urine or saliva.

Staff will speak to you about all your treatment options and will agree to your treatment plan.

They can help you talk to local narcotics users and their families or carers.

You will also give an employee who will support you in your care.

What drug treatment involves

Your treatment will depend on your personal circumstances and what you’re addicted to. Your employee will work with you to provide correct treatments for you.

Your treatment plan may include several treatments and a variety of treatments.

talking therapies

Talking therapies, such as CBT, help you to see how your thoughts and feelings affect your behavior.

Treatment of medicines

If you are dependent on heroin or another opioid, a substitute drug may be offered, such as methadone.

In this way, when you are making progress in your treatment, you can go through the streets without worrying about stopping or buying drugs.

Detoxification (detox)

This is for people who want to stop taking opioids like heroin completely. It helps to manage your withdrawal symptoms.


Some people find support groups like Anonymous Narcotics very helpful. Your employee can tell you where your neighbor’s group is.

Reducing harm

The local drug service staff will assist you to reduce the risks associated with your drug-taking. For example, you may be offered the test and treatment of hepatitis or HIV.

Where do you have treatment

You may have treatment while the patient is experienced at home or in the hospital.

If drugs-related problems are serious or complex, they may be referred to a residential rehabilitation service.

To find out more about residential rehabilitation, or near your rehab, visit Rehab.

More about specific drugs

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