How to stop smoking with hypnosis?

How to stop smoking with hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a relevant method in the medical treatment of tobacco addiction. Through this procedure, the patient, who was once mobilised by this addiction, already takes control of his senses and can thus reintegrate into society.

Such a process allows the subject to perceive the cigarette as a foreign element or a tormentor from which he or she is subordinate and must get rid of.

However, the decision to leave such an addiction must come from the subject, lest the process fail. To this end, find in this post, the aspects to consider in order to cure the addiction to tobacco thanks to hypnosis.

Why practice hypnosis?

Comment arrêter le tabac grâce à l’hypnose ?

At the outset, it should be noted that hypnosis helps to undo the subject’s physical and psychological relationship with his addiction. Such a method is therefore different from that used by various nicotine substitutes.

It is therefore important to understand the usefulness of hypnosis, as well as the techniques used in hypnotherapy, in order to succeed in your treatment of tobacco addiction. In addition, the course of the hypnosis session as well as the price of the hypnotherapy are factors to consider in order to succeed without procrastination in your treatment.

Methods used in hypnosis to stop smoking

In order to stop your addiction to tobacco, the therapist strongly stimulates your determination to leave this addiction. This process, also known as the suggestion mechanism and the imprinting concept, consists of gradually changing the smoker’s thoughts and speech.

Indeed, the challenge is to develop a relationship of trust between the therapist and the patient. To achieve this, during the sessions, the smoker will be able to expose his or her fears in order to obtain different recommendations from the therapist. Discover the hypnosis sessions offered by Catherine DEGIVES, hypnotherapist and kinesiologist near Hannut and Namur. You will be amply satisfied with the quality of the service, and even with the different treatments.

How does the stop smoking hypnosis session work?

The stop smoking hypnosis session is divided into various stages. These include

Suggestions to change the smoker’s behaviour: at this level, the work will consist of getting the smoker out of his state of anxiety;
Changing the smoker’s habits: at this stage the challenge is to get the patient to manage his stress and worries differently;
Getting the patient to speculate about a future without tobacco;
Making a connection between smoking and the patient’s state of health. These techniques used during the session of the subject are essential to succeed in literally treating the addiction of the latter. It would therefore be pointless to ignore them.

How much does hypnotherapy cost?

The price of a hypnosis session depends on your city of residence and the quality of the therapist selected. In cities such as Paris, for example, the ceiling can be as high as 300 euros and at least 70 euros per hour.

In addition, the duration of treatment can vary from one therapist to another. For example, while with some therapists one session may be sufficient, with others it may take several sessions to achieve a definitive treatment.

However, it must be inferred that the number does not matter as long as the objectives are achieved. It is therefore necessary to find out the success rate of the said treatment in order to make the best choice.

How to choose a good hypnotherapist?

In order to choose your hypnotherapist correctly, it is imperative that you use a health professional. This will allow you to avoid scams and unpleasant surprises.

You should therefore entrust yourself to nurses or psychologists who have previously undergone training in this field. In addition, it is essential to find out about the practitioner’s background in order to avoid any stress and anxiety after treatment.

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