Cession Certificate – UChicago Medicine

Cession Certificate – UChicago Medicine

The spirit of retiring is a stop-smoking program founded by UChicago Medicine Andrea King, PhD, in partnership with the Association of Respiratory Hygiene (RHA). The program works with approved, evidence-based smoking cessation methods, including behavioral skills, cognitive skills, and medical information to help learn how to quit smoking, reduce tobacco use, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The UChicago psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience team works in partnership with pulmonary medicine specialists to manage smoking cessation programs.

What are you waiting for?

We offer a lot of excitement in group week’s rest in the form of volume balls that allow you to take a moment to join the idea. Groups typically have between four and 10 members and are in Phase 1 (initiator) separate groups and Phase 2 (advanced) groups for Phase 1 graduates. Our goal is to provide support, information, skills, tools, feedback, and education to help Mendes quit. You can attend as many meetings as you want. If you decide the program doesn’t match you well, you’ll be provided with other smoking cessation resources.

How to Sign Up

If you’re in Chicago and would like to engage in the program, you can directly call our psychiatry intake office at 773-702-3858. For example, if you are sick at UChicago Medicine, you can ask your health care provider to help you enroll in the program.

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