Break the custom, not the code – Stop smoking – ASA

Break the custom, not the code – Stop smoking – ASA
Loose habit, not code – Stop smoking assistance

Launched in 2012, ‘Stoptober’ is a 28-day stop smoking challenge from Public Health England that encourages and supports smokers to better quit. ‘Stoptober’ relies on the notion that if a person can stop smoking for 28 days, they are five times more likely to be able to stay quiet for good.

When we approached the ‘Stoptober’ era, we thought it was time to take a moment to share some suggestions on the market for presenting smoking services and services.


The ASA and CAP are still looking for proof that there is some effective product to help people quit smoking unattended by the smoker (rule 12.8). Willpower is paramount and any way they use it, smokers generally only stop smoking if they decide to do it. As a result, simple affirmations like “an easy way to block smoking” or any suggestion “to guarantee success” is likely to break the rules.


The smoker, who can’t leave without artificial aids, seems to be mostly addicted. As such, products that are advertised to stop smoking offer assistance that is capable of treating the addiction or its symptoms. With this foundation, all products that call for help with smoking (including nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, pies, sprays and microtabs) are considered therapeutic and marketed. to have such an influence on marketing e MHRA (rule 12.11) before requesting such statements in their subscriptions.

Some drugs to stop smoking are ‘prescribed drugs only’ (POMs) (eg Champix (varenicline) & Zyban (bupropion)). Rule 12.12 The CAP Code expressly states that prescriptions only medicines (POMs) or prescription-only medicines cannot be confiscated. The narrow exception is the social links that allow POMs to be entered on specific sites, for more information read our article POMs.


Stop-smoking requests for therapeutic applications are an essential part of a search by MHRA, heralds for e-cigarettes (including e-liquids and devices) will not be able to maintain a product that can operate as a device to stop smoking unless the MHRA is specifically authorized to do so. Sometimes the disease needs more care than the things that could be avoided imply that is made to be a suitable smoking device, eg a facto references to “Stoptober”.

E-cigarettes can be provided as an alternative to tobacco, but do not undermine the message that quitting tobacco use is the best option for safety (rule 22.5) and should in no way. encourage non-smokers or non-nicotine-users use e-cigarettes (rule 22.8).


Although the ASA and CAP are generally accepted hypnotherapy Help smokers potentially be helped in their efforts. The splitting of opinions is an effective strategy. To keep up with all the objective rights, marketers must be it should support them, and most importantly, the emphasis should be based on affirmations such as the smoker’s intention to leave these emotions.

Hypnotherapy practitioners should avoid success rate claims to bring them back without a strong substance. A marketing agent should ensure that they are working well, based on rigorous evidence and not only on those patients who do not pay for the following sessions or receive invoice cash receipts.

Do you still need a prescribed stop-smoking policy? Contact the Copy of Warning companies to advertise on your non-passive ads.

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