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For advice and support about healthier lifestyles, plus support to keep smoke quiet and smoke free, call 020 8885 9095 or visit your Haringey website (link is external) .

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Case study

We talked to ex-smoker Dudu Dervish, age 70, from Tottenham about the experience of quitting smoking.

Before he gave up smoking, Dudu smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 40 years. It was a terrible habit to get rid of that despair. Smoking consistently for many years has had a terrible health effect on Dudu. I could never get a decent night’s sleep, because I always woke up in the middle of the night with a suffocating cough.

After more than 10 years working on Dudu, he decided to kick the habit. On one of Dudu’s regular visits to the Tottenham leisure centre, Dudu OneYou finds the Haringey services piping hot. He said he offered advice and assistance and advice. Dudu has been given patches and special chewing gum to suppress cravings for nicotines.

He began to use the seam with very high strength, and then betook himself unevenly to the lower powers, and now he needs them no more. The process only took two and a half months. The health of smoking Dudu dropped significantly improved. Says:

“My sleeping is much better and I can sleep all night now. I advise anyone who wants to quit smoking to do this better!

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Nick in Haringey – key facts

Prevalence of smokers in Haringey:

  • About 1 in 5 Haringey residents are smokers
  • Prevalence of smoking in Haringey 20.6% – equal to the eighth highest in London and higher than the national average of 19.5%

A number of local Living Health Pharmacies (HLP) and GPs also provide support for smoking cessation. Please contact your GP or local pharmacist to check if you provide smoking cessation assistance.

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Smoke Free Homes and Cars

Smoke Free Homes and Cars

When there is smoke inside your house or car, everyone there is exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke. Secondary smoke is mostly invisible and insoothed, so that even if you can’t see or smell any smoke, it’s still likely.

Men who breathe a second smoke are at risk of the same diseases as smokers, including cancer and heart disease.

Infants and children are in danger, because their lungs are not adults, and they breathe faster, and thus produce more venom than adults. Health risks are asthma and chest infections, middle ear infections, meningococcal infection, behavior and learning difficulties, and death among infants. Because of the effects of second hand smoke, about 9,500 children under the age of five are admitted to the hospital each year in the UK.

Infants may also be injured in the womb if exposed to secondhand smoke.

Hidden dangers of smoking in your house or car

  • Cigarette smoke contains over 4,500 chemicals, 50 are known to cause breast cancer
  • Anyone near an open door or window may not protect you or others from isolated smoke
  • The only way to completely protect others from the damage cigarette smoke is to make your house and car smokefree
  • Children learn manners from those closest to them. If you live with someone who smokes you are 3 times more likely to smoke while they are growing up

The benefits of having a smokefree house and car

  • You protect your children and your family from second smoke to improve your health
  • Your children will be healthier and less likely to miss school because of illness
  • Your children are less likely to start smoking if you’re not smoking
  • It should help you cut down or quit smoking completely
  • The danger of fires in the house is very much on sale
  • Your house and car will smell and look new and cleaner, and you won’t need to decorate as often.

Creating a smokefree home and car to help protect your family

  • Say everyone in your family and all your guests at home and your car is now smokefree
  • Explain how important it is to protect your family’s health by limiting exposure to tobacco smoke
  • Ask visitors to smoke outside the house
  • Do not keep ashtrays or lighters inside your house or car
  • Ask any expectations of your children not to smoke in their presence
  • Do not smoke in other homes or cars even if they permit smoking

London’s Fire Brigade offers a personalized safety plan for your home and also will adjust a smoke-free alarm when needed. If you or someone you know wants a book Visit the home fire safety, then fill in the online form via the link below and bring up Haringey P1-08.

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General Smoke Free Information

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