Am I smoking suddenly or gradually? – Modjo Cosmetics

Am I smoking suddenly or gradually?  – Modjo Cosmetics

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Smokers who want to quit smoking often ask themselves the question about how to quit smoking: “Do you quit suddenly or gradually?” Tobacco is composed of nicotine, a psychoactive substance that may be a source of addiction, and can be involved in many forms of depletion. To avoid any risk of relapse in the face of withdrawal, it is necessary to find the best compromise to be able to quit smoking forever. On this blog, you’ll find various tips and advice to teach you on your approach if you want to quit smoking too much and don’t know whether to stop suddenly or step by step. Good reading!

Getting to know yourself: what type of smoker are you?

Each person is unique, so it is important to define the way to quit your smoking. There’s no need to compare yourself to your friend, who quit telling you that for the next 24 hours you’ll set the same goal. What is valid for man will not necessarily be valid for you? Rememberstop smoking It is a long and sometimes difficult process, especially not all in the same boat. How long have you been smoking when you feel the urge to smoke the most? Do you have any sources of stress that influence your desire to smoke? Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself first of all to prepare your mind for the challenge you want to undertake. Only then will you know what is best for you. A heavy smoker may be more inclined to quit smoking gradually, because tobacco has become an important part of their life and is part of their daily life. In fact, a certain amount of inquiry tends to be provenstop smoking gradually It is good to alternate by reducing your tobacco consumption gradually to help your body and mind in overcoming deprivation symptoms. Tyou were oute other studies an advocate of total abstinence (ie, to stop smoking suddenly) because this immediately stops the toxicity of nicotine in the body. This method may be suitable for smoker dependent less scrutiny.

Again, these are just parts of the answer to your questions, each one having different life contexts: social-environmental, socio-cultural, psychological, genetic and so on.

A sometimes long process: giving yourself time

Be assured, however, that two modes of smoking cessation (savage or progressive) involve more or less significant risks. In fact there are signs of facial withdrawal (anxiety, sadness, fatigue, dizziness). Keywords here are patience and persistence, just like in every life! There is no definite and universal way to follow. Our goal here is to learn about yourself and do the best you can to achieve your goal without ever giving up Believe me, in every case, the victory is consumed every day without touching a cigarette. Don’t be afraid of how long it may take, because you have decided to quit smoking. Obviously, you’re never alone in accessing various tools to stand out for* Helpr* overcome your anxieties and choose the right way to stay long. Modjo is also there to confirm, regardless of access you choose. Our concern is your well-beingfrom! Our products specially formed for those who like youyou may want to quit smoking serenely, by helping effectively reduce the urge to smoke.

Whether it is 3 days or 3 months, when you see cigarettes or you smell tobacco and you smell nothing, you’ll be proud of yourself! Trust in yourself and offer yourself a way to overcome the difficulties that arise. And how do you plan to say goodbye to smoking once? says our Facebook group keep smoking and don’t miss any tips to help you overcome yourself on a daily basis. You will find testimonies from people who have traversed the same period as you did, and will be able to advise and guide them from their experience!

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