all tips to quit smoking

all tips to quit smoking

In a health, economic and social context, which has been known for a year and a half, smoking is on the rise again… If you make no attempt to (re)start smoking, quitting smoking is never easy. Hence the utility of assistance. We are available for all sorts of assistance.

Your phone support: “Tobacco info service”

By calling 39 89, all can benefit from the free telephone assistance service that takes four or five conversations with a tobacco specialty. ” This is an occasion for removing the causes of tobacco addiction, but also for the fear of removing the doubts; Olivier Smadja, a tobacco worker with the additions of the France Public Safety Unit. Specialist tobacco is defined as a therapeutic strategy with recommendations for nicotine replacement therapies for most dependent smokers. ” What is happening ? “Six months after the first interview, about 25% of people have become non-smokers, which is the best success. For others, a new support or orientation is offered to professionals in the city. “

Learn more about weaning on the site, which is a tobacco specialists directory distributed throughout France.

Supplied to the vicars

As of January 1 2019, the Health Service has reimbursed 65% of nicotine replacement drugs (packages, gums, pies, pies, and leaves). To do this, you must have a prescription doctor, midwife or an established tobacco worker. Only inhalers not supported.

Virtual support: the KWIT app

When an ex-smoker, surrounded by psychologists, launches application aids, the idea is to support candidates for cessation of smoking, using moral-cognitive therapies, in a fun and intuitive way. In practice, you can monitor your own smoking habits (number of cigarettes smoked per day, daily expenses, etc.) to monitor your progress, saving money, but above every amount of oxygen purchased. We announce our moods and we receive the message that motivates us to exhort, but never feel guilty. Can we even report its “cracks”? Talk to her about her lack of or tips on the Facebook group, which collects the “kwitter” community.

Application is free. There are several concepts (breathing exercises, personal tools to control your cravings, etc.) subscription €9.99 per month is offered.

A group to help each other with a bond against cancer

Each year, most often in November, on the occasion of “Tobacco Children’s Month”, a group of six to ten people at the top of the department meet to gather smokers, smokers and former smokers in the process of leaving. . ” The first sessions are performed under the guidance of a tobacco specialist, and the latter delivers to the group who administers it. Once a week (eight or ten weeks, time for treatment with nicotine replacement immediately), people come together in advance of the League to discuss their experience, exchange tips, and support each other… with, most of the time, an extension. on social networks » explains Ricardo Domingues, tobacco worker and coordinator of the Cardi League Against Cancer. Effort should no longer be separated in the process of abstinence. It also allows that obstacles to be overcome in literature are sometimes considered too medical or technical. The results are convincing. ” In our Cardo commissioning, we see a smaller relapse rate, which is 30% less than classical weaning without mutual assistance, six months after discontinuation. »

Note: Some federal groups provide support in colleges and schools throughout the school year…

The care comprises an addiction care, support and prevention center (CSAPA)

These structures operate with all additions from heroin to tobacco, with additions of character; it underlines Hervé Martin, the addictologist and general secretary of the Gallic Association. With particular features: anonymous and selfless reception. » Consultations are offered through multidisciplinary courses: general practitioner, addict psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, dietitian… The idea is to offer global, individual sessions with the addictologist, but also group therapeutic workshops (physical activity, relaxation sessions, discussion sessions, etc.). For medical, psychological and social support, this is considered a multiple possible habit of personal consumption. ” If someone comes to me for a tobacco addiction, even when there is a big alcohol problem, we will begin treating smoking and alcohol loss in the second stage. explains Hervey Martin.

To set up an appointment near your center, just type in Csapa and your domain name on your internet search engine.

Assessing your addiction: the Fagerström test.

Developed in 1978 and validated internationally, this test has the name of Swedish designer, Dr. Karl-Olov Fagerstrom, a psychologist, consists of six questions. This ensures that the physical dependence of nicotine is rapidly determined. It is often important that we always think much less than we are. Knowing your accessories can encourage you to begin a retreat. A short version is also available for two questions: for heavy smokers, which estimates the time between wakefulness and the first cigarette: the shorter the time, the greater is the lack of nicotine.

This testing is available for free on the Internet (type its name in your search engine) or on drugs specifically for cessation smoking.

An anti-smoking spa treatment

In Aix-les-Bains, between the mountainous massifs and the lake, the Baths of the Domaine de Marlioz provide the ideal setting for ceasing smoking. Specializing in respiratory illnesses, erection presents inhalations, gargles, etc. sulfuric water” with anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and antitoxic properties » Florian is closing in on Hugo Leroux, general manager of Domaine de Marlioz. Bathroom treatments (wraps, multijet baths, pressotherapy, chromotherapy, etc.) and massages are also helpful for relaxation. Nicotine dependence is treated with daily supervision with a nurse and two relaxation sessions.

Six-day treatment, €749 without accommodation. Phone. : 04 79 88 63 77

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