7 tips for quitting smoking to addiction

7 tips for quitting smoking to addiction

It is certain that the drowned take you away; take care of your health quitting smoking. Well done ! Congratulations on so much planning! But you don’t know where to get started? We give you 7 tips to quit smoking.

1. Evaluate consumption and smoking profile

Which smoker are you?

Do you know how many cigarettes you smoke?

Do you know how to smoke? Aspirations more or less high, number of flatulences, favorable conditions, time of contact with cigarettes, etc.

Do you know how addicted you are?

Yes, some questions. But what is necessary to ask get to know yourself better and invest in change.

Assess tobacco use and addiction is first grade start smoking cessation.

Take stock

  • Your consumption
  • Your physical dependence
  • Chances and emotions that make you want to smoke
  • How to quit your smoking

2. Inform yourself before you quit smoking

To inform you second grade your surroundings.

Be assured that this path will not be easy. For you need to know the obstacles that are going to meet you. So you can better understand and overcome.

For example, he encourages the strong to smoke. He can get sick, irritable, or even depressed.

It is also likely for me to sleep, or dive, and want to eat.

These impulses vary from person to person.

Also, you know what the hardest part is his fight is sacred smoke while drinking coffee, after dinner, in the evening, in the car, etc.

Get more information from:

  • Devices to ensure that Tobacco Info Service. There you will find all the information on selecting the shutdown method that is right for you. The application is available Apple Where Google Playyou will see the evolution of your infection. You will learn the health benefits of purses.
  • Communities Online to discuss, ask experts or people who take the same challenge as you or who have already experienced smoking cessation.
  • Health professionals.

3. Surround yourself

Quitting smoking is not a fight alone.

There are many people on your site. This prevents you from encountering others. They will know, advise, support you and keep you safe.

Deliver yourself from guilt and dare to ask for help.

  • Inform them about you it is easy for you to quit smoking. Some people don’t believe it is the hardest, but there will always be someone who will welcome you.
  • Take a challenge with your loved one. And you treat one another.
  • Connect to the meeting. For example, they are Tobacco Free Month Facebook pages but near you.

Also experienced are there to confirm with you.

As part of the operation Tobacco Free Month this November, health professionals are moving.

Those trained in tobacco sciences, doctors, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, and midwives… will be able to inform and support you. Or refer to your speciality if you feel the need.

Finally you can also call Tabac Info Service at 3989. At the end of the line: Tobacco craftsman, who will make an assessment and give you advice.

4. Choose the method that works best for you to quit smoking

There are several ways to quit smoking.

You can stay overnight, or gradually reduce your consumption of cigarettes by cigarettes.

You can buy nicotine substitution drugs: cloth, pies, inhaler, etc. Or talk with your doctor to choose the most appropriate course of treatment. been satisfied with social security.)

You can also choose therapy, which is called cognitive behavioral therapy.

We can only advise youTalk with a doctor or tobacco specialist to find out what is best for you.

5. get organized to quit smoking

In fact, getting organized is important, even if it means to write your steps and actions in your notebook.

First put a day to quit smoking. Note, let him entrust you.

Ensuite arrange your environment.

Get rid of ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes. Hang motivational quotes on the wall, decor if you like.

Define business timesOh idleness, what will be your quill if you feel the sting of smoke?

6. Learn to recognize when you feel like smoking

When you feel smoking take a step back.

Why do I want to smoke? »

Is it ritual and therefore automatism? Are you elated? Irritated?

Or perhaps I saw some smoke?

Identifying these moments will allow you to understand your relationship with cigarettes. You can then anticipate these things are uncomfortable.

7. Rejoice with you on every step

1 less cigarette.

The taste of food is detected.

Shortness of breath less.

Estimate each step at the end of the stoppage.

Do not hesitate to write these victories as your anchor. Read again if your account decreases.

Also, what if you deposited the money you saved to treat yourself as a gift or a journey?

Until the couch is always worth it.

Even if you’ve tried several times, don’t give up. Because each attempt pulls you to the end!

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