5 To Quit Smoking

5 To Quit Smoking

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American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout is the third Thursday of each month of November. If you plan to quit smoking, it is a great day to kick off or start developing your quit plan. Here are 5 steps to quitting from smokefree.gov.

Smokefree.gov is the site of the National Cancer Institute that provides free, detailed and professionally supported information and resources to help you quit smoking.

Step 1: Have a plan

Once you have decided to quit smoking and impose time, develop a plan. The tools are free at smokefree.gov and a toll free number, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, to help you succeed. Download an app to track your progress.

Step 2: Don’t go alone

It will be easier to quit smoking if you have help from family members and friends. Let them know that you’ve been established, ask for help, and let them know by name what they can do to help. Be free with those who want to succeed. Talk with friends who are quiet and ask for their advice.

Step 3: Stay busy

Replace your smoking habit with a healthy posture like exercise. Make plans for dinner or a film with friends not smoking. Instead of smoking, sugar-chewing gum keeps your mouth busy and helps prevent cavities too.

Step 4: Avoid smoking triggers

Depart from the people, places and things that try to smoke you. Some common triggers include stress, alcohol, coffee, and hanging out with those who are smoking. Get rid of cigarettes, rays and astrays, and go to places where smoking is not allowed.

Step 5: Reward Deeds

Quitting is hard. And, every hour or a day you go without a cigarette. Take in hours and pay for small seconds. With all the money you save on cigarettes, you can treat yourself to massacres or to relieving drugs!

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