5 effective actions to help a friend quit smoking

5 effective actions to help a friend quit smoking

Want to help a friend, relative or colleague quit smoking? And you wonder how? First we wanted to tell you well done for what you are about to do is a highly proven friendship or love.

You know better than any one of them has ever lived, if he had easily known about smoking.
For a large number of smokers, imagining life without tobacco, it is a little like sharing a dream world without a secret service, without ceasing coffee, without an evening with friends or without a moment to explain to you… That’s why. It is not easy to accompany someone on this cessation of smoking, which will have its variety. He will need your help to help quit smoking.

You can’t force a person to quit smoking. It is she who ought to deliberate on her own reasons and when it is fitting for her.
All tobacco smokers will have their own reasons. And some must do more tests before they depart from their last good cigarette.

If you want to know all about the additions of tobacco, physics, psychology, and modus operandi, we recommend this article.

Remember, I had been with you a long time. You will not easily hear the advice of others. But you have what each does not have; understand what your friend travels on!
What you say to him, therefore, will be more precious to all counsel of men who never quit smoking. People who have never experienced the symptoms of cessation smoking: withdrawal, fatigue, an inexpressible stimulant for cigarette, coffee and everything else.

Tell her just what you wanted to hear a few weeks ago, months ago. No magic speech, just a lot of love or friendship on your level.

CHow can i help her quit smoking?

Tell her that you are there for her : one is always easier.

Give him advice to start vaping : electronic cigarette is the most effective smoking cessation aid (2 times more effective than the average dose) But he can ask questions.
Isn’t it as dangerous as a cigarette? Email cards are 95% less harmful.
This is the result of various studies undertaken by researchers and teachers in Britain. You can find a summary of the study This Commentary
It is complicated to use ? You don’t know, but a friend still doesn’t know. An unknown and stressful world before it opens, when Volts, Ohms, Watts, will be invaluable to the man entrusted to him, even if he doesn’t dare ask you. Even better, buy them at the grocery store first. He’ll feel stronger and more serene in the eyes of the salesperson when you’re with him.

Help him be busy to gradually withdraw her from smoking, to engage and perform tasks, such as thinking about something other than the urge to smoke.

Encourage and encourage him; daily without cigarettes is victory! Every difficult and difficult moment deserves to be celebrated: the first day, the first weekend, the first evening and more.

Comfort if you start smoking again. Cigarette smoking falls off the road. Receive him by helping him after this error.

What then do I do now?

Nothing magical, but one certainty: the best way to help your loved ones is to be present and listen.

Share your experience if you feel your friend is ready to listen.

We still say Bravo for what you do and it is great to start coming with your friend.


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