10 tips to quit smoking

Today 1 in 4 say the Gauls smoke every day. But he wished more than half of them to quit without success. Is this your reason? On the occasion of World Non-Tobacco Day, this May 31, 10 tips to find “hold on” while keeping a good mind.

The progressive chain negatively impacted tobacco consumption. In May 2020, about a quarter of smokers said they had increased tobacco consumption. As a result, for the first time since 2014, the number of smokers in France has not decreased last year. Now that it seems too late for the guard to relax, perhaps it’s time to crush your last cigarette. How do I get there? Here are 10 common sense tips:

  • Stay motivated! List all your reasons. All the reasons why you said to yourself once: “I am leaving tomorrow!” Economics is already the first step. Imagine: with an average of three packages per week, you’re already 30 euros … or 120 euros per month;
  • I choose the right time. It’s time to put down some poisons. Think about it. Visualize the status of your future non-smoker:
  • Tell her about yourself. The more willingly it will excuse the stars of your possibility … and will prevent you from turning back to the first difficulty;
  • Come to the complete stop. Avoid step by step stops. “Today half a pack, tomorrow 5 cigarettes . . . The National Committee Against Smoking (CNCT) Recalls “to catch up more easily, suddenly” ;
  • Clear, take away the temptations. The adjoining packages will be lighter, and the bites will be less, so that I may remind you of a more shameful habit;
  • Train your subconscious. Do you know the method? Repeat to yourself that which you have done well, and urge on the benefits which you will obtain from yourself;
  • Stay Zen. You’re not immune to passing bucks. Breathe and relax
  • Take a look at kilos. The lack of nicotine can undoubtedly have an influence on the food promise. So improve your diet. Healthier, it will reduce the inherent fatigue of the muscles in stopping. Your desire will be even going away in tobacco;
  • I progress. Regular physical activity
  • Rejoice! Free your time, save time, and new leisure activities that you can offer you… After all, films and other museums are open again!

… Sex are good reasons to quit

Better than a long speech, here are the figures that will persuade you:

  • After 48 hours, taste and smell are improved and the nerve endings in the taste buds begin to rehabilitate;
  • During the three days breathing becomes easier;
  • After 2 weeks, cough and fatigue decreased;
  • One year of withdrawal will be necessary so that the risk of myocardial infarction should be halved, and cerebrovascular accident (stroke) is the same as with the non-smoker;
  • After 5 years, your risk of lung cancer will be halved
  • And it will happen after 10 to 15 years after the last cigarette, your life expectancy will revert to similar with non-smokers.

But power alone is not always sufficient. It is often necessary to follow the doctor. The doctor’s advice will help you, for example, to confirm your case. He’ll teach you about treatment-ready, unbalanced, chewing gums.

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