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Transfer the program Stop-tabac.ch to the Swiss Tobacco Prevention Fund

Due to the departure of Prof Jean-Fran├žois Etter (approaches before 2023), the program stop-tabac.ch (space and application for smartphones) will be transferred from 1st January 2022 to Farm Tobacco Prevention (FPT at the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health). FPT will delegate the implementation of the program to the Swiss Organization for Smoking Prevention (AT). To comply with the rules of protection, we will not transfer your information (e-e-mail, testimonials, various queries) to TA and FPT without your prior consent. If you send information to us, you are immediately invited to either e-mail to your consent (or not) to transfer your information to FPT/AT.

The transition from the Stop-Tobacco program to FPT/AT ensures that this program has long-term access to stabilize (like the FPT tax revenue is shed under the law including cigarettes) and the implementation of a national umbrella association. smoking prohibition in the field.

The Stop-tabac.ch site was created in 1997. We thank the program collaborators, especially Vincent Baujard, Victor Gabriel and Evelyne Laszlo, for their collaboration for the fourth quarter of the century, and we wish the new company all the successes. this program.

E-cigarette Summit December 7-8, online – Registration

The e-cigarette summit is to be held on December 7, 2021, with the sole aim of facilitating respectful dialogue and thoughtful analysis by global experts to explore documents on vaping products and discuss how to interpret them. most health care plans to reduce smoking-related deaths and illnesses.
Orateurs: Deborah Arnott, Linda Bauld, Clive Bates, Martin Dockrell, K. Farsalinos, Thomas Glynn, Peter Hajek, Martin Jarvis, David Levy, Karl Lund, Ann Mc Neill, Robert West, etc.

Info: https://www.e-cigarette-summit.co.uk/

Addresses: https://www.e-cigarette-summit.co.uk/register/

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