10 good reasons to quit smoking


1Improve your health

Everyone knows that “smoking severely hurts health”.

By suppressing smoking, it causes hundreds of chemical compounds to be absorbed, of which about fifty carcinogenic substances are listed. Not to be overlooked is the phenomenon of cigarette combustion in direct contact with mercury, lead and bitumen. Nothing that water really does to your mouth!

Tobacco is 1time the cause of the crab’s splash. However, according to the site tabac-info-service.fr, the risk of lung cancer decreases even after half five years after the last cigarette. And perseverance pays off: ten to fifteen years after the end of a cigarette, your life expectancy is the same with people who have never smoked.

Smoking is also a cause of cancer of the mouth and pharynx.


Find your vitality!

Improving breathing is one of the benefits of presenting smoking.

Three months after smoking stops, you get back breathing, fatigue dries up and you stop coughing!

As a result, quitting smoking provides health on all levels. Taking your breath will give you wings to resume sports. And the virtuous circle will be moved. More activity, more activity, and with the arrival of the body, it regains its vigor.


Save money

Everyone is expensive… The daily consumption of packs of cigarettes per day weighs, on average, around €250 per month*. That is 3000 € per annum! He made so many savings by stopping smoking. When this is over, you will be able to house your housekeeping, give yourself a dream trip, or just spoil your loved ones.
Calculate what your consumption costs on the Tobacco info service site.

* According to Customs journalists from October 2018, it states the average price of 20 cigarettes is stable at 7.90 euros.

Yes if on insurance loan

Each risk can be considered leading to an additional premium from insurers. This is also true when it comes to e-cigarettes. The cost of an insurance loan for a smoker can be 50-70% higher than that of a non-smoker borrower.

It is clear that false statements have serious consequences. If you declare yourself to be a non-smoker and develop an illness with tobacco use (sore throat or lung cancer, emphysema, etc.), your insurance application may be compromised and your contract is void.

If you quit smoking, your condition and your risk factors have changed. You should then notify your seller. To do this, send them a sworn witness testifying that you quit smoking. To declare yourself a non-smoker, you must discontinue all forms of tobacco (cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.) for at least two years. In this case, the risk to tobacco is waived, your insurance premium must be skipped (in practice, the premium is waived). Your contract will be remedied almost by the rider.

If the new conditions proposed to you by your insurance bank do not apply, you will find it useful to choose a new contract that is suitable for your condition. This is the beginning of the insurance delegation. If the down payment is equivalent to at least two contracts (CCSF criteria), the bank has no right to refuse which you are providing. This can be done at any time during the first twelve months of your contract when you mark 10 days (“the law of Hamon”) or except 1time the year of your contract, on any anniversary of your insurance contract, under the 2-month notification period (“Bourquin” amendment.

If you are still smoking, you must notify your insurer in writing. And frankly, this is ugly!…


Smile your teeth!

Smoking harms oral health. It is a risk factor in the development and progression of gum disease. Tobacco infection also promotes the yellowing of teeth and the formation of tartar, or even loosening of the teeth. Without forgetting evil spirits…


Long run full use of the senses

Tobacco use damages the nerve endings of the senses, smell and taste. The perception of flavors becomes more blunt and more obvious. With the cessation of tobacco, the sense of smell regains its prime intensity, and detects the pleasures of the palate.

Reclaim your appetite and eating pleasure.


Enjoy quality sleep

In smokers, sleep disorders are observed (difficulty falling asleep and preserving sleep). Smoking also promotes snoring and sleep apnea, since what kind of sleep is that.

When stopping smoking, the heart rate is slowed down, sleep is natural. Further, blood pressure is also decreased, which promotes rest.


I found beautiful skin and a beautiful complexion!

Smoking prematurely aging skin. Smokers have a premature wrinkle and their skin is getting dry. Avoiding smoking helps maintain a healthy, elastic skin. These results were evident from the first week without tobacco. Six months without tobacco and you will find the skin close to its initial state.

Smoking also produces a gray color, under eye bags, deep wrinkles, but also pimples. When suppressing smoking, the quality of the skin is visibly improved.


help protect the environment

Cicero is not only bad for his health, but also for the level of evil. On the one hand, every year thousands of hectares of forest are being destroyed in order to make paper cigarettes and stove ovens to dry out tobacco. On the other hand, we cannot count the number of forest fires caused by cigarettes. Take between 18 months and 12 years of discarded cigarette fines…degrade


Start the family

Tobacco impacts dam fertility and future expecta- tion. If you have a baby and are at odds with your cause, it is better to quit smoking.

Tobacco consumption impacts fertility. Work can increase the time of conception. As soon as you stop smoking, everything returns to normal. Beyond fertility, smoking during pregnancy leads to noxious conditions in the fetus.


Share more time with friends

For over 20 years, with anti-smoking legislation, the list of places where smoking is prohibited continues to grow. Post offices, public transports and stations. Now the smoke is forbidden in restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There are rare places where there is still smoke.

People are increasingly being excluded from tobacco control. Is it really worth it to leave your friends in the middle of a discussion and go alone in the smoke of the windows?

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